Ep00: Introduction – Lynda & Lisa, The Multifamily Investor Ladies

Ep00: Introduction – Lynda & Lisa, The Multifamily Investor Ladies

Lynda and Lisa are Multifamily Apartment Investment Syndicators focusing throughout Mid-Atlantic and southeast parts of the United States. They both have W2 Jobs or Day Jobs. Lynda Brooks is a Certified Public Accountant for more than 20 years and she is currently serving as a controller for a non-profit organization in the Washington DC area. She is also a Chaplain in the United States Army Reserve with 12 years of service aiming for 20 years of retirement.

Lisa Hill began her career as a Broadcaster in a Television News Business and used to be a Montessori School Teacher for children ages 3 to 6 years old for about 10 years. Now, She is the Director of Montessori School.

Lynda and Lisa created this podcast with the goal of helping other people who want to learn more about PASSIVE INVESTING. Every week they will bring you incredible guests that will inform you on the process of becoming THE BEST PASSIVE INVESTOR you want to become. Multifamily Investing is not a SOLO JOURNEY, IT IS A TEAM SPORT and that’s why you TEAM UP and find GOOD PEOPLE.

So, Join us on March 10th for our first episode with our first guest! Don’t miss out on that!