Ep01: The Role Of A Sponsor – Daniel Woodford

Ep01: The Role Of A Sponsor – Daniel Woodford

Our pilot episode’s guest is our very own sponsor, Daniel Woodford. He is the co-founder and principal at Mission Bay Capital Partners. It’s a multi-family investing syndication firm that currently has over 100 million dollars in assets under management.

Daniel started his real estate career in 2009 after serving 20 years in the U.S. Air Force retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a seasoned multifamily operator with extensive experience in property valuation, acquisitions, and asset management. He is known for providing exceptional value for investors. Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from George Mason University.

Tune in to today’s show and find out exactly what is a sponsor.


• Role of a sponsor
• Why Daniel invests in multi-family real estate and shares how he got started
• Advice for those considering multi-family passive investors
• How an average person is able to invest in a multi-family real estate deal
• The tax benefits of multi-family real estate investing
• How to get started at multi-family investing
• How Daniel manages to underwrite
• Is passive investing in multi-family real estate protected by federal and state laws?

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