Ep16: Impact Investing – Michelle Jeong

Ep16: Impact Investing – Michelle Jeong

By investing in real estate, you can make a positive impact in the lives of those in greater need aside from creating generational wealth for your family. Check out today’s episode and learn how Michelle Jeong’s story can inspire you to move forward into your real estate journey.


•Why focus on affordable housing
•What to look for in a property
•How to manage your relationship with investors
•Leaving a full-time job to focus on real estate
•Why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others


Michelle came from a poor immigrant working-class family to build millions in net worth thanks to real estate. Along this path, she found herself divorced, with a failed business, needing to support two small kids and care for elderly parents simultaneously.
In 2017, she left that world to focus full-time on real estate. She purchased a handful of SFHs in the Midwest and then pivoted to focus on affordable/workforce multifamily housing since she would have a greater chance to make a positive difference in the lives of her tenants, partners, and herself. In 4 short years, She built a multi-million dollar portfolio and more importantly, created a flexible schedule in which she can be present for her family and be her own boss.


•Email: thedifferencecapital@gmail.com
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