Ep11: Memorial Day Special – Joe Danza

Ep11: Memorial Day Special – Joe Danza

Today, we have not just a dynamic real estate investor, but also an Army reserve chaplain, Joe Danza. He speaks about his experience as an Army chaplain and how it impacted his current job. Tune in to learn some insights on multifamily investing and listen to the advice Joe has for those new to real estate.


• What Memorial Day means to an Army chaplain
• Joe’s journey to the real estate industry
• How being an army chaplain informed and influenced Joe as a CEO of a real estate investment company?
• Teaching young Soldiers about financial freedom
• What to look for when researching new investments and properties
• Piece of advice to potential investors or those who are just getting started


Joseph Danza is an Army Reserve Chaplain and Information Technology Program Manager. Since he was a child, he’s worked in his parent’s real estate company. He has over 13 years of real estate experience with his own business. He is the CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar real estate company focusing on multiple revenue streams, consisting of STRs, LTRs, Property Management, and Multifamily syndications. He also serves as an advisor for over 105 million dollars in various real estate assets along the east coast.


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