Ep07: Funding the Deal : Lender Relationships – Brandi Shotwell

Ep07: Funding the Deal : Lender Relationships – Brandi Shotwell

Welcome to another episode of the Multifamily Investor Ladies Podcast. Today, you’ll hear from our expert Mortgage Broker, Brandi Shotwell. She is a Principal at Reno Capital Management in Dallas, Texas. With over 20 years’ experience in finance and real estate, Brandi has funded over $1 billion in real estate projects ranging from commercial acquisitions to commercial development.

In today’s episode, Brandi brings a ton of information for use when investing in multifamily real estate. She also shares how having a good lender relationship can help you fund your deal, especially if you are just starting in this business.


• What is a Commercial Mortgage Firm?
• How did Brandi get started in this space?
• What are the different types of debt?
• When investing in a property, should we know ahead of time which financing option we’d like to take?
• The importance of choosing business partners carefully whether you are an active or passive investor
• What types of questions should a new or experienced passive investor ask with regards to financing?
• How does the moratorium affect investing in commercial properties?
• Lender fee structure: a percentage of the deal vs. a flat rate


Website: https://www.renocm.com/