Ep05: Deal Investment Considerations – Brian Briscoe

Ep05: Deal Investment Considerations – Brian Briscoe

Today is another knowledge-rich episode with Brian Briscoe. He is a dedicated Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel-turned-Real Estate Investor. Brian served our country for nearly twenty years in the Marines. He is the Co-founder of the multifamily investment firm Four Oaks Capital which currently controls 485 units and 21 million in AUM. He is also the Co-host of the very popular podcast, The Diary of an Apartment Investor.

Brian has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sharing some good practical advice that works! Tune in to learn more about the key factors or considerations in dealing with investments.

We discuss topics like:

• The best way for passive investors to get started
• Different types of investment profiles
• How did Brian get started in Real Estate and who enlightened him on the business?
• Coaching tools in multifamily investing
• Which is better for passive investors: Analyzing the deal or knowing the Sponsor/Operator on a personal level?
• What to look for when first analyzing a deal?
• Biggest mistakes that investors make
• Tips in getting the right deal
• Brian’s insights on the future of multifamily investing

Book Mentioned:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki


Website: Four Oaks Capital

Podcast: Diary of an Apartment Investor

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DiaryAptInv/