Ep04: Selecting A Market – Leslie Awasom

Ep04: Selecting A Market – Leslie Awasom

Our guest for today is Leslie Awasom, the Director of Operations at Xsite Capital Investments. It’s a growing Multifamily Investment company with over $20 million under management. Last year, Leslie and his partners purchased a $20 million Class A Property in Washington DC.

The Xsite Capital team also hosts a rapidly growing multifamily-focused meetup in Maryland where they provide resources and add value to individuals interested in growing their wealth and changing their financial future.

Be sure to tune in as Leslie shares his journey and experiences on how he and his partners formed a strong partnership and explains the importance of gathering data for market selection.

We discuss topics like:

• How do you decide or look for a market to acquire an investment?
• How to form strong partnerships?
• Challenges faced in doing your first deals.
• Leslie shares his journey into multifamily investing in just 2 years.
• The data analysis and processes used in determining a good and not-so-good market before investing in a property.
• Ways to gather data and find a good market.
• When looking to invest, what is the basis or the measurement for determining if you’re investing in the right location?
• How can passive investors learn by exploring more data analysis?
• When is the best time to buy a property?
• Best advice for those considering investing in multifamily real estate.

Recommended Books:

• Second Chance – by Robert Kiyosaki
• Big Shifts Ahead – by John Burns and Chris Porter

Resources/Guest’s contact info:

• Contact Number: 301-655-4708
• Website: https://xsitecapital.com/
Real Focus Class offered by Neal Bawa