Ep02: Becoming A Passive Investor – Sandhya Seshadri

Ep02: Becoming A Passive Investor – Sandhya Seshadri

Have you ever wondered how one can become a real estate passive investor?

Today’s guest is a wealth of information in the person of Sandhya Seshadri. She has been investing as a Limited Partner, Key Principal, or General Partner in 3500+ doors totaling $200M in assets throughout the United States. Sandhya is passionate about personal and professional growth. She is active in multiple mastermind groups focused on apartment investing to continuously stay abreast in these changing times, and their impact on multifamily.

By listening to this episode you can learn what a passive real estate investor is, how being one will allow you to earn passive income, and how to become one.

We discuss topics like:

• Sandhya’s background and how she started in investing in commercial real estate
• How Sandhya found her first deal to passively invest in
• Thoughts on relationships
• Difference between the active investor and passive investor
• The key to running a successful operation
• Sandhya’s worst deal and how she learned from it
• Advice to new real estate investors regarding passive investing


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